Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It's All In The Heart

Hello again lovely readers! It's so good to have you join me here at Sufficient Grace! If you're new then welcome, make yourself comfortable and join in the journey! I am so glad to have you stop by!

The other day I gave my kids an activity to do, it was a really nice simple one, but it was one that helped them to focus on encouraging somebody in their lives who is irreplaceable. Teaching them the value of stopping and doing something for someone just because you love them.

Long story short, I cut out over 100 paper hearts of different colours (I have a heart shaped cutter, it would have done my head in to cut them out by hand!), and asked the kids to write something on each heart that they loved about the recipient. We chose MR S' family (grandparents and uncles) and my Nana to write them for. After the sentiments were written (little scribbles for Mr R's drawings and myself writing his words) and artworks were finished, we popped them in an envelope and sent them off in the mail (have I mentioned I love hand-written letters?!)

We have had phone calls from both heart receivers thanking us for such a lovely thought and the encouragement it gave them. It was so much fun for us, it really wasn't a hard task at all. We chuckled at the things written and laughed when talking about times spent with these people. But, best of all, it achieved what we desired it to; it bought encouragement and let our families know that they are so loved, we appreciate them and they are an important part of our lives (despite the geographical separation between us!) The kids enjoyed letting them know they are loved. Such a simple thing for such a beautiful impact.

It's all in the heart; and that is priceless.

Maybe you could do this activity, or similar, with your children for anyone you think might be in need of some extra love and encouragement. Oh, and be sure to let me know what their response is, I'd really love to hear all about it!


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