Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Birthday Celebrations!

We have had two birthdays these last two months! In January we celebrated our little precious girls birthday! It was such a great time! We went down to visit family so that Little Miss J could spend her birthday with cousins and grandparents, aunties and uncles this year ... and at the beach! I can't believe she's six!

I am completely smitten with this little princess. She makes me smile and laugh and I can't get enough of her smoochy kisses. Here's six things I love about her at six ...

  1. her kind and gentle nature - she always helps people when they are injured or unwell.
  2. the way she giggles and squeaks when something is really hilarious to her! she's very cheeky!
  3. her willingness to help our family, she is such a kind sister and daughter
  4. her love of painting and drawing
  5. how small she still is ... her beautiful eyes and smile
  6. how she fits perfectly into our family ... right in our hearts.
I love that God chose me and MR S to have this beautiful strong willed, quiet, yet loud little gem in our family. Love her to bits! I love being her mum.


A couple of days ago we also celebrated our oldest child's birthday. Mr S, turned 11 ... now that I find hard to fathom! Wasn't it just yesterday that I gave birth to both of them?! We intended on visiting family for him too, but with the recent flooding and road damage we have had here, some roads were closed. So, in a couple of weeks time, we will go visit family for a belated celebration which Mr S will love! We still had a brilliant day with him though, just our family, with an early morning visit to the markets, lunch at the park, dinner and a movie ... and a new family puppy. It was a fantastic day!

This boy is becoming such an amazing young man and it's such a beautiful privilege to watch and be a part of his growth. He makes me proud and yes, I still cry at the thought of both of these two a year older (you do with your kids too, I know you do!) But, I am loving seeing them grow all the same, it's an incredible journey.

Here's 11 things I love about him at 11 ...

  1. his sweet heart and handsome face ... he's so much like his Dad in nature and looks, it's wonderful
  2. his love of learning and reading ... this is where he's like me
  3. how he protects his little sisters
  4. how he plays with and leads his little brother (who calls him my 'big bro')
  5. his love of languages ... a passion I don't have, but is amazing to see how this makes him so individual
  6. the little 'mother/son' jokes we share and the books we love reading together.
  7. his heart for the Lord ... it's evident in his gentleness
  8. his love of tree climbing and farming with his Dad
  9. his spazzo sense of humour ... yes he gets that from me too!
  10. how he is becoming more responsible with his own chores, guitar practise, homework etc.
  11. how he doesn't hug us in front of his mates ... but doesn't stop when it's just us at home!

Thank you Lord, for the blessing of these two children of ours. That you gave them to us is incredible! Keep them, watch over them, and grow in their hearts a deep abiding love for You.

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