Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Heart Stories: Among The Growth

She feels the damp in the cool, gritty earth as it slips its way through her fingers like flour through a sieve. She loves this time, her senses are stirred, re-awakened as she tends to the bountiful growth. Her struggles and stresses sift through her fingers along with the fresh soil and she breathes in deeply. Everything is renewed. As she snips, and tills and waters, she is thinking; she is praising. Her mind is woven with her Creator as she works and co-creates. The warmth of the sun on her back soaks into her flesh and she feels the embrace of Him. It's the dirt, the life, the awareness of His presence. The vibrant colours, the fragrances,  the solitude, the simplicity. He is here. He is with her. She finds Him among the growth.


  1. So sweet. I could really relate. I use to love my gardening for the same reason. This post really blessed me. :)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Mary and I'm very glad this post blessed you. Gardening is such a beautiful pastime. Have a lovely day! :)


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