Wednesday, 6 November 2013

FFW: Sloth Home

For the past two weeks, our family has been battling a horrible case of the flu. Yuck! Between the constant noise of sniffling, the never-ending reminders to 'blow your nose', razor sore throats and the sleepless nights of coughing, we are just about had it.
The kids stayed home from school yesterday and despite the sickness, it's was actually a lovely day. They played beautifully together. The whole house was completely covered in Lego, marble runs, cars, blocks, scrap booking, dinosaurs, John Deere farm trucks and Tonka trucks, barbies and believe it or not, wood shavings (in the kitchen - my eldest tried his hand at wood carving, with only two slips needing band aids, not too bad!). The house looked like a family of sloths inhabited it ... but it didn't take long to put it back in order, so what's the harm?!
I was coughing so hard that I spilt my tea all over myself ... and the lounge ... several times. The washing wasn't thought of, the beds weren't made, the kitchen -  well, I just ignored that, the kids stayed in their pyjamas all day, the music was playing, and I enjoyed reading books and perusing some lovely new blogs while trying to recover.
My sweet man kindly said that he would do a quick grocery shop on the way home from work, as I didn't think the general public would be quite so considerate of our wheezing and spluttering everywhere; best hibernate a little longer.
And so, today's post is about nothing in particular, just a quick stop in to write about a nice day spent with my children, watching and listening to them play and enjoy each others company ... amongst the ever growing pile of wadded tissues.

Today, I've managed to do some washing, some Bible study and bake two batches of blueberry muffins ... I must be on the mend ... but I'm still ignoring the rest of the housework!

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