Friday, 26 October 2012

Lost In His Beauty

Crimson river of refreshing grace,
bathed in the fragrance of Christ.
My heart held captive by the song of His love,
encompassed in a lace-like embrace.
Fresh flight of crisp green leaves;
warm, soothing streams of crystallised light.
Heart who's life is found in Him
I inhale the fullness of comforting peace.
Cherish the beating
of my love-struck soul.
Yearning to fit-well His mould;
a copy of The One.

New hunger falls like desperate rain;
a longing to know more.
The familiar rhythm of words long spoken
Every inch of each chamber woven by grace.

The shimmer of touch
as I breath in
His hope;
held in His tender caress.
Wildflowers planted blooming as many gifts;
planted by my lavish Redeemer.
I gather them all and relish their uniqueness;
reflect on their meaning and I am well.

I am free.

The crisp flow of His Spirit
restores my hope,
it tingles my skin
and quickens my heart.

The romantic in me,
the writer in me -
completely lost in the
beauty of Him.


Photo property of Sufficient Grace... please ask permission before useage. Thanks

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