Monday, 15 July 2013

Fishy DNA

My husband is away on a deep sea fishing trip with some of the men on my side of the family. He's gone for a week and a half. The longest we've been away from each other in twelve years. I miss him. But I know that he needs this. He is such a dedicated and loving husband and father, such a hard worker for us. It's good for him to have time to himself to refresh, regroup and do all that 'manly stuff', without feeling guilty that he's taking time for himself.

I'm sure he's going to catch such huge fish and enjoy many peaceful sunsets and sunrises on the deck of the boat. Nature is how he connects with God the most. Nature and silence. He's one of those 'still waters run deep' kind of guys ... love him to bits. Hopefully he'll come back toting an esky full of fresh fillets that he caught for the ones he loves the most.

It does us good as wives to let our husbands be who they are. We shouldn't hold tightly to the reins or try to change them to become someone they're not. Instead, we should be striving to lovingly support and encourage them in their hopes, dreams, skills, interests, passions, faith, health, fathering, work and on and on (even though we may be thinking on the inside of how many things we will be doing without that extra pair of hands while they're gone).

Our husbands just need our love and respect ladies. An acceptance of who they are, just as they are (despite their flaws, which they all - and we all have). My man, I'm sure, is part fish. It's in His DNA! And so for me to deny him time to enjoy something he loves and makes him who he is, is not just stopping him from being the best he can be, it's outright selfish. 

While I/we do miss him terribly, I wouldn't want him to have not gone. He's going to be having the time of his life out there! (While I've had to pray through fear of great white sharks lunging themselves onto the deck of the boat and gulping my mans torso off ... that's how it happens in the movies right?!).

I am so happy that he has this time to himself. He needs and deserves it.

Let's be women who encourage our men, who bring out the best in them. Who help them accomplish God's plan for their lives. Who don't act selfishly when they ask for some time to themselves (however, if your man is taking too much time, don't nag - pray!)

No doubt, there will be photos to come of all the gigantic fish my man caught (can you tell I'm biased!) So stay tuned ...

... this should be good!


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