Friday, 12 June 2015

Preparing For Busy Times

At the moment, our family is in the process of moving house. You know, that process where things are all over the place and your home is turned upside down as you see a wall of boxes grow before your very eyes?! Yep, it's full-on around here.

There's something though, that I've been wanting to invest in for a few months now, and yesterday, I was finally able to do so. It's a second slow-cooker (or crock pot for my American friends!) This morning I woke up and gave our home a thorough cleaning, with the help of our children, and then set to work putting meals in the slow cooker.

I've been wanting a second slow-cooker for so many reasons; one of them being so that I can be cooking two meals at once. One for that night, and one for the freezer. This is what we plan on doing over the next couple of weeks. Making meals in the slow-cooker for freezing to enjoy when we're in the thick of moving house in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully this will make things so much easier and we will still be enjoying healthy meals as a family.

Obviously, I had to think through the financial side of things and figure out if investing in another appliance is worth it. We have a page on FaceBook where we can buy and sell things and I was able to purchase my second slow-cooker (although smaller than my first one), at just $25.00 with a recipe book as well! That's an investment I can afford!

Why do I love my slow cookers so much? ...
  • the time I gain back
  • knowing that the meals are healthy
  • leaving the house is fine as my meals are still cooking!
  • no rushing at the end of the day
  • more time to spend with my family
  • stockpiling meals in the freezer!
  • less washing up!
  • I can make this delicious breakfast!
  • I feel very organised! (although, lately not so much!)
  • cooking two meals at once
  • there are so many things I can cook in them!
  • they're easy for my children to use should they want to cook a meal
  • the house smells amazing!
  • I have a sense of satisfaction knowing my family will be well fed
    My second slow-cooker. It has tomato, honey, potato and sausages
    (and a whole pile of veggies!)
But this second slow-cooker wasn't just purchased for the benefit of my family alone. Here's the other ways I hope to bless others with my small investment ...
My first slow-cooker. It's currently cooking honey mustard chicken legs
(also with a whole pile of veggies!)
  • sharing pot-luck meals with Church family on Sundays
  • meals for sick families
  • meals for others who are very busy too
  • meals for families struggling financially
  • meals for our elderly neighbours (especially in winter)
  • larger sized meals for get-togethers with friends and family
I'm really thankful that I could make this little investment!
Is this something that you would consider doing?
I hope you're having a beautiful week!


  1. Hi Elisha

    I found your blog via another I read, and your link was on the sidebar…you know how it goes. Pretty soon you are clicking your way around the place and find all sorts of precious treasures. Like your blog.

    I hope your house move has gone smoothly. I'm guessing by the date of this post that hopefully you are in "getting settled" mode.

    Sometime, when you are all done with moving and ready to lift your head beyond boxes and cupboards again I would love to hear more about what you cook in your crockpot. I am about to start my first (full time) teaching job and we may never eat real food again if I don't get a handle of using my crockpot (mine is soooo old, a wedding present, and actually "crockpot" brand!).

    1. Hi Tracy. I love side bar clicking, it's the way I've found most of my favourite blogs! Thanks for visiting mine!

      We are actually still waiting to move house. We move in about two weeks time, I am VERY ready!! I'm well passed the 'planning it out in my head' stage and definitely wanting to get to the 'settled in' stage!

      I would love to share more of my crockpot recipes with you! I must say though, that most of mine are just throw it all together, but I do have a very yummy silverside recipe I can give you! I hope your teaching job is going well and you're finding yourself able to keep on top of everything!

      Keep in touch! :)


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