Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Home Happenings

It's been a while since I've posted here at Sufficient Grace ... I have been enjoying time with my family and friends so much I haven't wanted to worry about technology! (It can become such a distraction can't it?)
Today I want to encourage you all to be aware of the things that can rob you of your time with those you love. A little of this and little of that can add up to a lot of distracted hours that we could have filled in a more productive way. (For me it was too much time on FB, something I thought would never happen. So I have drastically minimised time spent on it and I'm loving it!)
All of the 'wood, hay and stubble' of our lives will be burnt up when we give an account to our amazing God of how we spent the time He gave us. It's not my job, or my place, to tell you the order of how things are done in your home. Although I will say your relationship with God must be first, and all else stems from this. Prayerfully consider your priorities and what is the 'best' to add to your life or give yourself and your energy to. Will God miss out on time with you if you add another activity to your already full plate? Will your family miss out on you? God will help you keep your life in balance if you take things to Him before committing to them.
Our families are a blessed gift from God, let's not let this sin-sick, distraction-driven world steal from us the most important thing of all ... our relationships. They are eternal! What needs to go or change for you to prioritise the 'best' things your loving God has for you?
So, here are some photos that I would like to share of our home happenings. (Not all though, or you'll be here for hours! I'm a weee bit photo obsessed!) This is my way of persisting to be free from distractions and focused on the life God has blessed me with! I pray you choose to be free to enjoy your families to the full in the big and little moments of each day! That's why we have each other!
Little Man Mr R getting firewood ready for winter.
Little Miss J and I at the park ... it was great fun, she's such
a sweet heart!
Hot chocolate date with Mr S and Mr R while girls at piano lesson.
Family bon fire night with dinner cooked by Dad over the fire! Delicious!
and such an easy night of great memories!
Absolute crazy laughing time with Mr. R ... he just melts my heart!
Little Miss P and I cooked a three course meal for dinner on school holidays,
it was great fun, she's a great little cook!
(Don't know why the photo didn't fully up-load, sorry! She's squishing
roasted tomatoes through a sieve for the tomato sauce to go on the pizzas!)
Mr R. playing with his 'number blocks' that I picked up from Vinnies
for just $5! We have spent so many special hours together, with so much laughing while
he learns his numbers (then it's on to ABC's!)
(Once again, half-uploaded pic, sorry!)
I hope you have a great time with your family this week! Be blessed!
This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.
John 15:12

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