Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Different Kind of Year

As I begin this new year I have been hearing and knowing in my heart that this is a new season, a new change; letting go and stepping into what I know is best for the ones I love the most. I am excited, actually I am very excited!

God has been placing in my heart for a long while now a knowing that it is time to be serving my family, and only my family. I resisted this for too long, because it comes at a sacrifice; I am no longer serving in our church with worship leading or women's ministry (of which I have been doing for nearly 5 years at our current church and previous to that for 8 years at our old church). Serving in these ministries has been such a blessing in my life, and yet I know I needed to obey what God has been saying.

There is such eternal value in serving our family in our homes, in raising Sons and Daughters who live the gospel because it's deeply established and owned in their own hearts; it is Kingdom work, Kingdom building.

I know that stepping out of ministry will bring greater opportunity for focusing more fully on reaching the hearts of our four amazing children; time for our marriage; for taking in more of the little moments of life; time for hobbies shared with others and a whole myriad of other possibilities (more reading too!!) I am excited to see where this blog path leads and I am looking forward to seeing where writing takes me as well.

It's one of those things where you know you have to just obey what He's asking, even though you haven't got all the pieces of the puzzle in your hands (or even clearly in sight). This year may be a year to 'recover' & 'lay low' or He could reveal to me a completely new thing ... either way, the peace I have now in obeying His leading (instead of 'well-meaning' comments from others) is a relief to my heart and mind. Already my load is lighter and my perspective brighter ... such peace is found in obedience.

So, it's a breath of fresh air in my soul and I look forward to serving my King completely in and from my home (I strongly believe that serving in a church is not limited to being on a roster, although that is very good too. There are so many ways we can serve and contribute to the body of Christ while still keeping our focus on what God has first given us, our family. This is what is right for my life and the life of my family in this season, I'm not saying this as a rule for everyone).

It's going to be a great year!
I'd love to hear if you've made changes for this new year too!


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