Monday, 26 November 2012

Art Journalling

This year I have begun a special kind of journaling - well, it's special to me anyhow! I call it 'art journalling', although I'm not sure if that's the official name for them! It's definitely NOT a new concept that I have created, I have 'gleaned' this technique from many inspirational sources (I have added a few links below for your enjoyment!).

I am a very creative person and I have found this technique to be a wonderful creative outlet, as well as a way to off-load some 'excess emotions' (instead of on my husband, or friends, all of which are beautiful blessings in my life). When I know that God has revealed something important to me and I sit down and sketch it out on paper, it cements these truths in my heart and serves as a visual reminder of what He says; it helps to drown out the fears and doubts.

So how did I start? I took a much loved trip into town to the local Big W and brought myself a blank, black, spiral-bound, fresh, crisp white, clean smelling art journal (can you tell I am slightly obssessed with them ... have been for years!!) and I brought it home (after paying for it!!) and then went ... now what?!!!! It's funny how the blank white page can intimidate so much! I started with a truth that God had already shown me years ago, and which I think many of you will agree with, "It's the little things that make life wonderful" ...  (I chose a little bird as I love them, and they are on my list of wonderful little things). I then went on to create others as I felt the need to put them on paper. Once you get started you'll soon fall into the flow and rhythm of it and you'll be addicted! You don't have to be an artist either, I see all the mistakes in mine, but they are personal reflections of God's goodness in the life of my family and I, and that's what is important. It's a simple practise that I do whenever I have a bit of spare time, and while it's not as beneficial as time spent praying and reading the Word, it's still effective in that I am acknowledging what God says to me in my life, and leaving it as a legacy for my children behind me (plus, I'd go crazy if I wasn't creating something in some form each day!) It's when I read, pray and worship that I can be inspired to sketch something new he's spoken to me.

If you would like to begin your own Art Journal ... then here's a few inspiring links to get you started!! ... this site is not necessarily Christian artists only, so I apologise if there is anything offensive drawn/written amongst the pins. (Actually mine look rather plain compared to these ones ... eeekkk!!) I have another new one ready to fill with painted works ... when I have the time ... and courage!! ... very good read! ... just found this one now ... stunning works!! I'm going to brew a cuppa and read it after this post! ... this site has great journaling prompts to get you started!!

We must remember these journals are not to take the place of God's Word, but they are a beautiful way to express His grace to us, His guidance, His wisdom and His love. Most of all, let your hair down, turn on some music ... and have fun with it!!

Hope you enjoy!
Please feel free to share some of your works too, I would absolutely love to see them!

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