Monday, 24 March 2014

What We All Need More Of

Counterfeit satisfaction. This world offers us so much of it. It's always in our face what this world guarantees are the things that are going to bring us happiness and fulfillment; purpose and passion.

We can become so easily caught up in the thinking of this world that we forget what it is that actually does brings such incredible satisfaction to the depths of our souls. On what do you spend your time? On what do I spend my time? It's true that we can always find time and make time for the things that we love. It's true that we can become so inward focused on our plans, our schedules, our next steps that we don't leave much room in our minds for anything else.

We all know that satan is the enemy of our souls. That he wants to steal, kill and destroy. But he's sneaky. He also persistently distracts. Distracts our minds. We so often wake in the morning, go straight to our 'to do' list and start ticking things off. We go about the course of the day, hurrying, achieving, with our thoughts focused on our agendas. What do we do at night after a day of housework, or work, or study?

How do we spend our time? We spend all day in motion, then all night, vegging out, trying to find rest and rejuvenation. But there's one thing that we need more of in this distraction-filled, goal-driven, self-focused world. 

We need more of God's Word.

Lately in my life, I've been struck by just how much I can't find any peace in my soul without frequent time in His Word. My hobbies are good, my circle of friends are wonderful, my family is amazing, our church is great; but all these things are still not the life giving words of God that speak right to my heart for the situations that I go through in life. Situations that need correcting, leading, guiding, confirmation and encouragement.

How on earth do we think that we can get through living in this world trying to be His witnesses without His words that speak life embedded into the fabric of who we are? Without His words that bring truth to our hearts and minds, that drown out the negative, wrong, filth of this sin-drenched world? 
We simply can't. I know for sure I can't.

We must choose to be christian women who cling to His truth, who spend time reading His Word and listening for His answers to us. 

The Word needs to be coursing in our veins; seeping out of us to all we meet; anchoring our souls with unfailing hope; filling our hearts with overwhelming peace and joy; filtering our minds with the never-changing truth of Gods ways, and the beacon that illuminates our every step.

Counterfeit satisfaction is a cheap substitute for the real thing.

Beautiful readers, enjoy His Word in your life this week, and every week after that! I know I'm going to make every effort to! 

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