Monday, 13 May 2013

Some Vintage Goodies

Have I ever mentioned that I adore all things vintage?! I thought so! Lately I have been finding some beautiful vintage goodies to create that 'lived in touch' in our home. It's funny actually because I've only just begun the hunt for pre-loved items, and already I'm completely hooked! There are a number of reasons that I love vintage, pre-loved pieces; firstly, they allow me to be creative and decorate our home without using large amounts of my husbands hard earned money; secondly it teaches my children that you don't need extravagance to create beauty; thirdly I think I was born in entirely the wrong era because old-fashioned everything suits me just fine!
I thought I'd share some photos of my finds lately. I know that vintage, pre-loved is not for everyone, but for me, it's relaxing and enjoyable to go to a garage sale, second-hand shop, second-hand bookshop or charity store to pick up a little bit of vintage goodness here and there.
These are ABC/123 wooden blocks that I found for my little man, Mr R. (But Little
Miss J enjoys them too!)
They were $5 from Vinnie's and he uses them all the time, we are working on
his numbers for now. Such a great little find for his early learning years!
At a second hand bookstore near my parents house, I found these 'Verse Time'
books. They are the sweetest little poetry/verse books for children and were only $1 each!
They are over 50 years old and the illustrations are just lovely!
Some old hymnals I found at a garage sale that were 'thrown in' for free
with the rest of my purchases! I'm not familiar with many of these hymns, they are
way before my time, but the words are still so precious and encouraging just to read as poems.
A collection of poetry books from the same bookstore near my parents house;
some children's, some adults. They are great! My favourite is 'A Child's Garden of Verses'
by Robert Louis Stevenson.
I have a love of birds, they are just so beautiful! The illustrations in these
books are stunning! Two of my favourite vintage finds!
These two tapestries were only $3 each! Bargains!
These two plaques were $1.50 and $2! 
A cute little lantern from an Antique Market held at our children's school.
I love what it says, 'Happiness is found in little things'.
A gorgeous plate found at Vinnie's for just $4! Reminds me that
all our blessings come straight from His hand.
These are little 'post-cards' from a second hand shop a bit up the road!
$1 each ... absolutely gorgeous and such beautiful illustrations and words.
I'm Looking for some frames for them to go in.
A hand-painted plate for $3 ... it's birds, I couldn't resist!
The rose sugar pot and milk jug were $2 for the pair from a garage sale!
The vintage spoon with a bird on it was $5 from the Antique Fair.
These three bird pictures were only $1.50 each. 
This little fairy wren (my favourite bird) rock I found at a garage
sale that my hubbie stopped to check out on the way to
a garden festival, $2! He was just sitting there waiting for me!
It's so nice knowing that, while these things are just completely temporal, I can still express my creativity and old-fashioned style to create a beautiful, wonderfully warm and cosy home for my family without breaking the budget.
Do you enjoy vintage thrifted finds too?!
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  1. Wow! What great finds! I love vintage too.

    That bird book is amazing! I'd make color copies of the illustrations and frame them. LOVE the "Give Us...plate! I collect those and haven't seen one like that before.

    I would have loved to feature you this Sunday at The Creative HomeAcre Blog Hop but I don't see a link back.

    I hope you join us again!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Manuela!

      That is a brilliant idea about colour copying the bird book and framing them! I will definitely have to do that! (I might put up a post so you can see them?!)

      I was amazed to find that plate, and so cheap too.

      I would have LOVED to have been featured on your blog! I'm not sure why the link back to you didn't work?

      I will definitely join your blog hop again, you have such a lovely blog!

    2. Thank you Elisha! I am featuring you tomorrow and I sent you a reply to your email.


    3. Thank you so much Manuela! I am excited and honoured.


  2. Wow did you ever hit the jackpot with all your incredible finds, eureka.
    Having been born in 1940 I certainly remember so much of what you found. It sure brings back wonderful memories to me of our home, relatives homes and family friends. I do love the vintage things like you found, so beautiful and simple from their time. I still love all that kind of thing, guess for somebody my age it feels like it was yesterday looking at your beautiful finds. I envy you so much. Take good care of them and enjoy them.
    It's so heart warming to me that you want your kids to see your home can be welcoming and homey without all the glitz that's out there now. No vintage isn't for every body but those who cherish memories of simpler times are very fortunate. Happy Days

    1. I'm so glad you were able to reminisce about days and beautiful moments gone by. There is something wonderful about things that tell a story. I feel privileged to have you comment with how this post felt just like 'yesterday' to you. I hope they evoke such strong feelings of home in my own children in years to come. I will take care of them for sure! I tried to view your blog but wasn't able to find it, I would love to come over and see it. Take care, you're welcome here anytime!


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